What Our Customers Have to Say

Greg, Amazing! That is the results of a well planned and executed upgrade of the JC switch gear. The removal of the old switch gear and the placement of the new switch gear with the built in ATS went very quickly and without any time delayed incidents. It was done so early on Sunday morning, that for the next time, we can start on Saturday and not close my office early on Friday. Seriously Greg, Gary and the crew are very skilled technically and very adept at interfacing with “the customer”. The customer may have been around a bit more than they cared to have him, but he needed to take care of the little things during the shutdown and power up of the building. Many thanks to the very hardworking (literally in constant motion) team from Hill Electric and the oversight provided by McKinney.
– Joseph Wysowski, UNOS


“I have had lots of service people, here, but this crew really did a great job. They provided a really great service. Thank you.”
– J. Walton, residential customer


“Tech was great… he stayed in contact and let me know what was going on when I was offsite.”
– J. Roland/West End Services, Inc., commercial customer


“I love the lighting – it’s beautiful! Thank you Greg and Hill Electric.”
– Laura D’s Hair & Day Spa, commercial customer


“You have been servicing our products ever since I was a little girl on Winston Street. We had good service then as well as now. We commend you for your professional customer service.”
– R. and R. Cowans, residential customer


“Thank you for your time, professionalism, and patience.”
– C. Crone, residential customer


Derek, I would like to thank yourself, Leroy, Arnie and your subcontractor for the great work on our Filter Press project. I now know why Hill Electrical is the Hopewell plant’s preferred electrical contractor.

– George / Chemtrade, industrial customer


“Hey buddy how are you hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know that your guys are absolutely amazing they did unbelievable work over here at the Woody location funeral home. Hands-down the best electricians I’ve ever worked with.


“Thanks for all the hard work and dedication to the Freestyle Project.”

– K. Taylor/WAWA, commercial customer


“You guys are awesome and we will be calling you back for any future needs and spreading the word that Hill Electric is wonderful.”
– L. Couch, residential customer


“Great job for us on the Strickler job.”
– M. Hart/Homescapes, service customer


“Much appreciation for all the hard work on the Potbelly Gateway Plaza project.”
– T. Neal/Graybeale Construction, commercial customer


“Just called to thank you at Hill Electric; your crew was wonderful and everything looks great.”
– A. Tyler, residential customer


“Nicest people and always get great service from Hill Electric.”
– R. Rigney, residential customer


“Outstanding and trustworthy; I will tell everyone I know to use Hill Electric.”
– H. Pappas, residential customer


“When I called, the receptionist was very helpful… I would definitely use Hill Electrical again.”


“We want to compliment the performance of two of your employees during the installation of the generator. They were very professional, courteous, and had an excellent attitude.”
– J. and A. Hufner, generator customers

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8553 Meadowbridge Road
Mechanicsville, VA 23116
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Get In Touch

8553 Meadowbridge Rd
Mechanicsville, VA 23116
(804) 746-3122